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Wheelchair News: Issue #4

In This Issue:

1. The 27th National Veterans Wheelchair Games Organized and sponsored by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs and the Paralyzed Veterans of America, the annual games call any and all U.S. military veterans confined to wheelchairs and under VA care. This year's competition was held in Milwaulkee, along the shores of Lake Michigan, from June 19-23. Over 600 vets attended, competing in 17 events and two exhibition events. The competitive events included table tennis, handcycling, quad rugby, basketball, swimming, softball, weightlifting, power soccer, and more. The two exhibition events, both new in 2007, were trapshooting and wheelchair curling. The National Veterans Wheelchair Games are not just about exhibiting athletic prowess and winning medals; indeed, many veterans also feel a renewed hope because of the games, saying that the training is mentally therapeutic. Beyond these benefits, participants love the camaraderie felt among fellow disabled veterans, as well as the pure enjoyment of competing in athletic events with friends. For more information on the National Veterans Wheelchair Games, see the Department of Veterans Affairs official website.

2. More Famous People With Disabilities

3. Website Review: Wheelchair Sports, USA Inspired by the 27th National Veterans Wheelchair Games and by my reading up on Jim Abbot, I'd like to draw your attention to Wheelchair Sports, USA, an organization founded in 1956 and originally named the National Wheelchair Athletic Association. Founded in response to the interests of disabled athletes -- many of whom had been injured in World War II -- who wanted to play more than wheelchair basketball. The organization has grown rapidly over the years, branching out into the Paralympics, working with disabled youth, and has promoted wheelchair athleticism. Since summer has just begun, with blue skies and a yellow sun luring us into the outdoors, now is the ideal moment to try out a new sport and Wheelchair Sports, USA is the perfect informational springboard for your athletic endeavors. Head on over to their sports page or check out their wheelchair sports calendar to find events in your area.

4. Wheelchair Review: Jazzy Select One of the newest electric wheelchairs in the Pride Jazzy line, the Jazzy Select features a truly snazzy new look, extremely high maneuverability, and enhanced efficiency. Like other powerchairs in the Jazzy line, the Pride Jazzy Select also features dual in-line motors for torque, range, and performance and Pride's famous Active-Trac Suspension for superior stability. With a 300 pound weight capacity, 4.0 mpg maximum speed, overall width of 23.74", and a turning radius of 22", the Pride Jazzy Select is ideally designed for indoor and outdoor "light duty" activities, such as sidewalks, low curbs, and gentle hills. To see what Used Wheelchairs USA has available, please see our Pride Jazzy Select in-stock chairs.

5. Find Your Perfect Wheelchair If you've researched all of the electric wheelchairs that are available on the market today, you know there are hundreds of possibilities. All the available brands, models, and options can be overwhelming. It's important to keep a few questions in mind when searching for your next power chair:

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