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Wheelchair News: Issue #2

In This Issue:

  1. Specialty Electric Wheelchairs
  2. Goodies for Your Wheels
  3. Website Recommendation: Wheelchair Junkie
  4. What do we mean by "gently used"?
  5. Find Your Perfect Wheelchair
  6. Our Favorite Power Wheel Chairs: Indoor/Outdoor
  7. We Want Your Used Electric Wheelchair

1. Specialty Electric Wheelchairs

Finding specialty electric wheelchairs on the used market can be very difficult. Specialty power wheelchairs -- heavy duty, bariatric (300+ pound weight capacity), rehab, and power lift wheelchairs -- are all very expensive when new, and they are all hard-to-find on the used market.

When we manage to find these specialty used motorized wheelchairs, they usually sell quickly. So if you want a hard-to-find used electric wheel chair, my best advice is to buy once you find one that fits your needs.

Used Wheelchairs USA offers these specialty used Jazzy and used Quantum electric wheelchairs:

2. Goodies for Your Wheels

Everyone likes to accessorize, and your electric wheelchair is no different. Whether you use your power wheelchair at home, at the mall, or at the office, you can make it uniquely yours. Diestco Manufacturing Corporation offers many manual and electric wheel chair accessories that will make your wheeling easier and more fun. Here are some of my personal favorites:

  1. The Monster Bag: The Monster Bag attaches to the back of your electric wheelchair seat and is large enough to hold groceries, laundry, books, and more.
  2. Cup holder: It's difficult to think of something more handy in our everyday lives than a cup holder. I love having a cold or hot drink with me wherever I go, and these cup holders do the trick.
  3. Cane holder: Most power wheelchair cane holders are rigid metal, but Diestco makes their cane holders from cloth. Cloth cane holders don't get in the way and are more easily removed than their metal cousins, so I'm a big fan of these holders.
  4. Armrest Pocket: These armrest pockets are small and perfect for carrying around a pad of paper and pencil, the remote, or anything else that you frequently have on-hand.


Diestco sells only to resellers like Used Wheelchairs USA. So if you find something you like on the Diestco website, contact us for a price and shipping cost. You can reach Used Wheelchairs USA at 540-721-3327.

3. Wheelchair Website Recommendation: Wheelchair Junkie

Mark Smith is an employee of Pride Mobility, but his website is in no way affiliated with Pride. In fact, his website reflects exactly who he is: "The Wheelchair Junkie". Mark doesn't use an electric wheelchair just for necessity's sake; he uses one because he loves to wheel.

For pure enjoyment, my favorite part of Wheelchair Junkie's website is "The Idiot Zone", where Mark and his friends attempt all sorts of crazy stunts. "The Idiot Zone" makes it quite clear that Mark truly enjoys using his electric wheelchair.

A more practical side to Wheelchair Junkie is the Article Index, which is full of articles to educate you on many aspects of manual and power wheelchair usage. Mark also writes "The Powerchair Diaries", which are personal stories about his daily struggles and joys in his electric wheelchair.

The Wheelchair Junkie is not just a website about power chairs; it's a community. There's life behind Mark's words, and you'll see that when you first visit. Please check out "The Wheelchair Junkie" today.

4. What do we mean by "gently used"? How do we "refurbish" our electric wheelchairs?

The staff of Used Wheelchairs USA works hard to deliver high quality used power electric wheelchairs. Here's what we do:

First, we purchase only those used power chairs which we deem to be "gently used". This includes power wheel chairs that are carefully taken care of by their original owners, that are in excellent mechanical condition, and that have no cosmetic damage that we cannot repair.

When we receive a used power wheelchair, it undergoes a careful cleaning and inspection. When we "refurbish" our used motorized wheelchairs, we clean everything carefully, paint where needed, replace worn-out or damaged parts and dead batteries, repair or replace damaged upholstery, check its performance, and make the electric wheelchair sparkles again.

Finally, we ship all of our used power wheelchairs in excellent condition. We have them professionally packaged and shipped on a pallet straight to your driveway.

5. Find Your Perfect Wheelchair

If you've researched all of the electric wheelchairs that are available on the market today, you know there are hundreds of possibilities. All the available brands, models, and options can be overwhelming. It's important to keep a few questions in mind when searching for your next power chair:

Used Wheelchairs USA offers a no-obligation "Find My Perfect Wheelchair" search. We've taken out the guesswork and made it simple for you to choose your very best used electricwheelchair. Answer some easy questions and you'll instantly get a list of used motorized wheelchairs that meet your needs.

For more help, try these links:

6. Our Favorite Power Wheel Chairs: Indoor/Outdoor

Are you looking for a great general purpose electric wheelchair that's designed for both indoor and outdoor use? If you weigh less than 300 pounds, here's one of our favorites:

The Jazzy 1121 performs well on most indoor and outdoor surfaces, has a top speed of 5 mph, has a turning radius of 20.5", and weighs just 249 pounds fully assembled. It's compact and uses mid-priced Group 22 batteries.

We always try to keep at least one 1121 in stock. Here's what we have now:

7. We Want Your Used Electric Wheelchair

We buy used Pride Mobility electric wheel chairs. If you have a used electric wheelchair that you want to sell, please tell us about it at:

Until the next issue ...

Erin Raub, Product Manager
Used Wheelchairs USA

"Chair received. Looks wonderful, rides wonderful. Thank you all for this Blessing. I can now once again travel away from home."
-- from "RG" in Owasso, OK