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Sell My Electric Wheelchair

Used Wheelchairs USA buys gently used electric wheelchairs. To request an offer for your used powerchair, please complete our questionnaire below.

In most cases, Medicare or insurance has already paid for 80%-100% of the cost of your electric wheelchair when it was new. So for a used powerchair in excellent condition and less than 4 years old, we may pay up to 10% of the manufacturer's original list price, minus the cost of freight delivery to us in Virginia (usually $500-$600). We never pay more than $1,000.

Here's an example for a used electric wheelchair in excellent condition:

     $8000  original price of wheelchair (80% paid by Medicare or insurance)
     $1600  typical price paid for the wheelchair (20%)
      $800  highest price we will pay (10% of the original cost) if you deliver
   -  $500  minus shipping to us in Virginia (we pay the shipping company directly)
      $300  "typical" price we will pay you for this "example" wheelchair

Some electric wheelchair models (and some special features) are in greater demand than others, so our purchase prices vary. We can buy many models in our local market, and will not pay to ship them to our Virginia office.

Shipping: We pick up your used powerchair if you are nearby -- or we pay a shipping company near you to pick up, package, insure, and ship your wheelchair to Used Wheelchairs USA. If you can personally deliver your powerchair directly to us in Virginia (near Roanoke/Lynchburg), we may offer you a higher price.

We buy only used electric wheelchairs with 6 wheels. We do not buy used scooters with 3 or 4 wheels.

Here are the only manufacturers and models that we ever buy, plus other guidelines:

Do not send photos unless we request them. If we are interested in your used electric wheelchair, we will request the following six digital or printed photos of your powerchair:

  1. right fender and wheels
  2. left fender and wheels
  3. back fender and utility tray
  4. front fender and footrest
  5. back upholstery of chair
  6. front upholstery of chair

Used Wheelchair Questionnaire -- Purchase Offer Request

Wheelchair Details

What is this wheelchair's model name and number?
We buy only the manufacturers and models listed above.
(example: Jazzy Elite 14 or Pronto M91)?:

Please describe the type of footrests:
Foot plate
Foot rests

Please check all options this chair is equipped with:
Power seat lift
Height-adjustable leg rests
Height-adjustable arm rests
Flat-free drive wheels
Lap belt
Elevating swing-away leg rests
Head rest
Manual seat-back recline
Swing-away joystick
Full power-tilt seat
Swivel seat
Oxygen tank holder

Please describe the color of the fenders and the seat:

Are you the original (first) owner of this wheelchair?
Yes, I am the original (first) owner of this wheelchair.
No, someone else owned this wheelchair before me.

In what year did you purchase this wheelchair?

How many hours has this wheelchair been used since you purchased it?
0 hours since I bought it
1-10 hours since I bought it
11-25 hours since I bought it
26-50 hours since I bought it
More than 50 hours since I bought it

Please describe any damage to the upholstery:

Please describe the condition of the tires:

Please describe the condition of the fenders:

Please describe the condition of the batteries:

Please describe any broken parts or other damage:

Please provide any other information that you think is important:

What is your asking price, excluding shipping to Virginia?
(We typically pay $300 - $500; we never pay more than $1,000.)
My asking price, not including shipping to Virginia:

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Email Address:

"I am a diesel truck mechanic. Got the power chair for my mother in-law. Shipping outstanding; packaging outstanding. It was what you said it would be-no BS. I’ve been down that road before. Ordered a lot of parts in the past and got burned, but not this time. Good job. Happy wife, happy life- thank you. P.S. good price on unit "
-- from "CB" in Eau Claire, WI