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Rental Policy: Used Electric Wheelchairs

Used Wheelchairs USA will rent (or rent-to-own) an in-stock used Pride Mobility Jazzy or Invacare Pronto motorized wheelchair that is priced at $2000 or less, according to these rental rates and policies.

Monthly Fee & 4-Month Minimum Rental

Up-Front Fees: typically $1500

At our discretion, we may agree to rent you a used motorized wheelchair that is priced higher than $2000 (pickup price). In this case, an extra non-refundable fee will also apply. If we do agree, this extra fee will be equal to the "pickup price" minus $2000. (Example: For a used power wheelchair with a "pickup price" of $3500, the extra non-refundable up-front fee would be $1500.)

Back-End Fee & Damage Deposit Refund

Repairs / Maintenance / Battery Replacement

Buy at Any Time

Stop at Any Time

You can stop your rental at any time by returning your wheelchair to Used Wheelchairs USA. You must personally pay for safe packing and for the return freight and insurance cost to our location.

Rent or Buy?

It is usually less expensive to rent an electric wheelchair for 5 months or less. If you expect to use the wheelchair for more than 5 months, it is usually less expensive for you to buy the wheelchair.

Rental Exclusions

We may choose not to rent some used wheelchairs that we sell for more than $2000 (pickup price). We may choose not to rent a wheelchair that is in "like new" condition or a wheelchair that is in short supply. If you ask to rent such a wheelchair for rental, we will try to suggest a suitable alternative.

USA 48 States Only

Our rental wheelchairs are available only to legal residents of the 48 Continental USA states and may never be moved outside of those 48 Continental USA states.

Proof of Identity

To prevent fraud, we require proof of your identity when you rent a wheelchair. We require a copy your credit card (front and back), plus any current federal or state government-issued ID card that includes your photo.

"Thank you Lisa. My Dad was greatly impressed with all you have done, and the chair is fantastically amazing! I will recommend you to the LPA, Little People of America. There are a lot of little people who require power chairs for everyday life. Thanks for your help in getting me what I needed. Your service and personal care are rare in the internet world."
-- from "JH" in Lawton, OK