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Find My Perfect Electric Wheelchair

Please select your requirements from the following options. If you answer all the questions, we will immediately offer you our power wheelchair recommendations -- tailored to your specific needs.

Electric wheelchairs are used for many purposes. Please choose how you will use your electric wheel chair on a regular basis (once a week or more): HELP!

Inside on tile, linoleum or hardwood floors in my house.
Inside on carpeted floors in my house.
Inside at supermarkets or malls.
Outside on paved parking lots.
Outside climbing low curbs.
Outside climbing gentle hills.
Outside climbing high curbs.
Outside climbing steep hills.
Outside on dry paved driveways.
Outside on dry gravel driveways.
Outside on dry dirt paths.
Outside on dry grass.

Some electric wheelchairs are designed to pass through tight spaces like narrow doors, small bathrooms and confined hallways. However, many power wheelchairs are too wide to fit through spaces narrower than 25". What is the narrowest width that your wheelchair must pass through? (Please check our "HELP!" for tips on measuring your narrowest widths.) HELP!


Only a few models of electric wheelchairs are considered portable and can be taken apart to fit in the trunk of a large car. If you have a van, SUV or pickup, most wheelchairs can be transported with a ramp or lift. Do you require a portable power wheelchair? HELP!

Yes, I need a wheelchair that can be taken apart to fit in the trunk of my large car. I can lift at least 35 pounds, the heaviest piece.
No, I have a van, SUV or pickup. I will not need to take it apart.

All electric wheelchairs have maximum passenger weight limits that should not be exceeded. Many of our motorized wheelchairs have an upper limit of 300lbs. Please tell us what you weigh: HELP!

Up to 160lbs

Rehabilitation power wheelchairs include options such as adjustable seating systems, power tilt and recline, oxygen tank holders and specialty cushions. Do you have any rehabilitation requirements? HELP!

No. I do not need a power chair with rehabilitation features.
Yes. I can use standard contoured (van-type) seating, but have other rehabilitation requirements.
Yes. I am wheelchair-bound and require special rehabilitation seating.
Yes. I am wheelchair-bound and require special rehabilitation seating, including power tilt capability.
If "Yes" please provide phone number so we may call to discuss your needs:
Phone Number: and Extension (if any):

Some power chairs are available with a powered elevating seat, typically with a 6" lift height. This assists you in reaching higher-up items or surfaces, such as supermarket shelves or kitchen counters. Is this a feature you require? HELP!

No. It does not matter if I have a power elevating seat or not.
Yes. I want to see only chair models which have a power elevating seat.

Please list any other special requirements for your electric wheelchair. We will email you with personalized recommendations. HELP!

If you live in the USA, select ship-to state so that we can calculate shipping. (For other countries, select "Local Pickup" and call for rates.) HELP!

US State:

Please tell us where you heard about Used Wheelchairs USA (a friend, web search, etc.): HELP!

Your electric wheelchair recommendations will be displayed on the next screen. We also send the recommendations by email for your records. (This is a required field.) HELP!

Email address:

Please tell us your first name and phone number so we may call you to provide personalized recommendations. HELP!

First Name:
Phone Number:
Extension (if any):

"We received the wheelchair and it was in excellent condition. We cannot thank you enough for making this process so easy and pleasurable. The wheelchair will make a huge difference in the life of my sister-in-law, and we're thrilled that your company exists. "
-- from "BH" in Boise, ID