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Power Wheelchair General Specifications

Pride Mobility Jazzy 1170 XL Plus

(actual specs may vary for some powerchairs)

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Model description Pride Mobility Jazzy 1170 XL Plus
The Jazzy 1170 XL Plus electric wheelchair joins style and performance. Building on the larger motor and longer frame of the Jazzy 1170XL, the Jazzy 1170 XL Plus has an increased weight capacity of up to 500 pounds. The Jazzy 1170XL Plus has 16" flat-free drive wheels, and is diverse enough to comfortably maneuver outdoor and indoor terrains.
Turning radius 26.75"
Maximum speed 5.0 mph
Weight capacity 500.0 lbs
Length 45.25"
Width 30.0"
Ground clearance 4.0"
Drive wheels 16.0" solid tires
Front casters 8.0" anti-tip wheels
Rear casters 9.0" solid tires
Drive train Two motor mid-wheel drive
Suspension type Active-Trac
Contoured seating available Yes
Contoured seat width 28.0"
Contoured seat depth 26.0"
Contoured seating seat-to-floor height range 0.0" - 0.0"
Synergy seating available Yes
Synergy seat width range 0.0" - 0.0"
Synergy seat depth range 0.0" - 0.0"
Synergy seating seat-to-floor height range 0.0" - 0.0"
TRU-Balance No
Power elevating seat No
Accepts specialty controls No
Standard electronics 70 amp PG Remote Plus
Battery type Group 24
Number of batteries 2
Battery range 15 miles
Standard battery charger On-board
Battery weight (per battery) 52 lbs
Base unit weight 150 lbs
Seat weight 43 lbs
Total assembled weight 297 lbs
Usage rating indoor & outdoor heavy duty
Fits in trunk of large car No
Hotrod-like styling/performance No
Rehab-capable Yes
Power tilt rehab seat No
Stock / Price None in stock
To order, call 800-899-0322, 540-721-3327, or use our contact form.

"The Jazzy wheelchair arrived on Monday in excellent condition! I'm very appreciative of your help in providing me with a much needed wheelchair. Its condition looks like it is brand new! Thank you again for providing an excellent wheelchair that fits me perfectly at an excellent price."
-- from "NM" in Mason, MI