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Thank you for purchasing from Used Wheelchairs USA! To finalize your order, please print, complete, sign and fax back this form to 915-990-5032, or mail it to the address below, so that we can authorize your credit card details. If you have questions, please call us today at 540-650-3735 (Virginia).

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Used Wheelchairs USA: Credit Card Authorization Form


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Used Wheelchairs USA, Raub's Internet For Business LLC
325 Waterside Drive
Moneta, VA 24121

Phone: 540-650-3735 Fax: 915-990-5032

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Item Purchased: Pride Mobility J6 with Power Tilt (#695).

Amount: $1495 (With used batteries. You pick up in Virginia.) 

I understand that item(s) listed on this form may have been sold when this form is received by Used Wheelchairs USA, and that prices listed are valid for today only and are subject to change. I also understand that wheelchairs purchased from Used Wheelchairs USA are used, not new. I authorize this charge to my credit card, by Raub's Internet For Business LLC.

Authorized Signature: Date: 03/29/2020  

Fax back to: 915-990-5032

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