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Used Electric Wheelchairs: Buying Guide

Buying a used electric wheelchair can be overwhelming. However, if there is one guideline you should follow, it is that your approach to buying your used Pride Mobility wheelchair should be the same as buying a new chair: price is important, but your search should focus on finding a chair that meets your individual needs.

Electric wheelchairs are designed for different uses. For example, some powerchairs are superb outdoor performers, but are too bulky to easily maneuver indoors. Other power wheelchairs can be disassembled to fit into the trunk of a large car, but generally have restricted weight limits. Other electric wheelchairs can navigate your home's narrow hallways, but are unsuitable for outdoor heavy use.

So the question is, how do you find your perfect electric wheelchair?

Used Wheelchairs USA offers you our free Find My Perfect Wheelchair search. Using questions to pinpoint your specific needs, our search produces a list of all Pride Mobility chairs that fit your specific requirements. Here are some key issues:

  1. Will I be using my electric wheelchair primarily outside, inside, or both?
    • Some chairs are geared toward indoor use, some toward outdoor use, and others are appropriate for both indoor and outdoor use.
  2. If I will be using my chair outside, will I be climbing hills and curbs?
    • Certain power wheelchairs are appropriate for what we call outdoor "light duty", but do not have the ground clearance, power, or wheel size needed for small hills or curbs.
  3. What is the narrowest width that my chair must pass through?
    • If you plan to use your electric wheelchair in your home, it must fit through your narrowest doors and spaces. Some chairs excel at this task, but not at others (such as outdoor use).
  4. Will I be transporting my chair?
    • If you plan to take your powerchair with you to the mall or on vacation, you must make sure that it is transportable. Most wheelchairs will fit in a van (for transport separately from the rider), but only a few can be taken apart and stored in a trunk.
  5. How much do I weigh?
    • All chairs have weight limits. Safety is compromised and performance is reduced if you exceed them.

There are many other factors that go into finding your ideal electric wheelchair match, so please try our Find My Perfect Wheelchair search or call us today at 540-650-3735 (Virginia).

Once you identify your perfect wheelchair, it's time to decide where to buy it. Used Wheelchairs USA delivers high quality used power chairs from Pride Mobility:

  1. Our power wheelchairs are in excellent mechanical, electrical, and cosmetic condition. They often look like new chairs.
  2. We offer the option of 2 new batteries for $200 or less per pair, supplied at the time we ship your wheelchair.
  3. We have a Price Guarantee, which assures that you receive the best price on a used powerchair.
  4. We have a Satisfaction and Performance Guarantee, which assures that your wheelchair will arrive in superb working condition.
  5. We take care of all the shipping concerns: packaging, shipping costs, and insurance. We're experienced in shipping power electric wheelchairs, so we know how to package our chairs properly to minimize the possibility of damage during shipment. However, if there are any problems upon arrival, we will handle them for you.

When considering a private-party purchase, please be advised of the following:

  1. Replacement batteries are expensive and are often required. Each chair requires two batteries, at an uninstalled cost of $478-$816 (these are the actual prices from Pride Mobility), depending on battery type. More About Wheelchair Batteries.
  2. Shipping is expensive (usually $300+) and chairs packed by inexperienced shippers can easily be badly damaged during shipment. If your chair arrives damaged, be prepared to wait weeks or months for your shipping insurance claims to be resolved (if you chose to insure the shipment).
  3. Most private party chairs are supplied as-is. You do not know the mechanical and electronic state of the chair and with no warranty, you will be liable for all replacement parts. These range from inexpensive to very expensive. For example, a replacement joystick controller may cost you $1200 and replacement fenders run $250 to $600.
  4. A private-party chair has not been refurbished, so there will most likely be cosmetic damage to the shell, upholstery, frame, etc.

Choosing a used wheelchair model is an important decision, but finding a high-quality provider can be difficult. Used Wheelchairs USA would like to help you. Please call us today at 540-650-3735 (Virginia).

"Mom is thrilled with the chair. Like I had hoped, it has given her a new freedom and reason to get out of bed each day. She's excited, proud and I'm sure brightening other people's days as she's out and about. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!"
-- from "SW" in New Bern, North Carolina