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Wheelchair "NEW Battery" Option

Wheelchair batteries should be recharged at least once every month when they are not in use, otherwise they may permanently lose their ability to hold a full charge. NEW batteries that are used and recharged regularly can be recharged as many as 300 times.

While it is not possible to accurately determine the condition of used batteries, we "load test" used batteries, and we ship only those used batteries that will accept a full charge. All of the batteries that we ship are AGM-type batteries, the best type of batteries that are available.

If you want us to install a set of 2 NEW AGM batteries in your used wheelchair before we ship it to you, we'll charge you our own actual cost, and install them for you at no charge - typically 50%-60% less than local dealers charge. Your cost for 2 new AGM batteries, installed free, will be:

To achieve peak performance and longest life, NEW batteries must be properly "broken in" after you receive them, by carefully following the directions provided in the wheelchair manual that we include with your used wheelchair.

If you do not choose this "NEW Battery" option, then the used batteries that you receive are sold to you "AS-IS", with NO warranty.

See also our article: More About Wheelchair Batteries.

"The Pronto M91 HD arrived and is a dream. I can sit in it without any discomfort. You fit me with the exact power chair that I needed. I will definitely tell everyone about your services and what great power chairs you provide."
-- from "RG" in Owasso, OK