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Wheelchair Battery Prices

Electric wheelchairs use several types of batteries, including 12-volt U1 batteries (small), 12-volt Group-22 batteries (medium), and 12-volt Group-24 batteries (large). New wheel chair batteries have a maximum life of 300 charges (maximum), so you should only recharge your power chair's batteries as needed. With proper break-in and moderate use, new wheelchair batteries can last 1-2 years. For more information, please see our article, More About Wheelchair Batteries.


New wheelchair batteries are expensive, so we recommend comparison shopping. Power wheelchair dealers sell and install replacement batteries; their prices are high, but they include installation. To save the most money on new batteries, you can install them yourself. [Please see the chart below.]


If you have a battery supply store (like Interstate Battery) in your town/city, wheelchair batteries may be least expensive locally. Check your Yellow Pages under "batteries" to find local stores. Buying powerchair batteries over the Internet may seem like a bargain, but shipping costs can be very high and delivery times may be long. Battery installation can be difficult and complicated to do by yourself without extra help. Do your homework before you buy.


Pride Mobility and Invacare wheelchairs require "explosion-proof" AGM-type batteries. Gel batteries may be less expensive, but we do not recommend them. Never use car batteries (wet cell) with any electric wheelchairs. Here are a few battery company suggestions. Except for the option labeled "Pride Mobility", you must install the batteries yourself:


Battery Type 12-volt U-1 (AGM) 12-volt Group-22 (AGM) 12-volt Group-24 (AGM)
Pride Mobility (delivered & installed) $478/pair $536/pair $816/pair
Gruber Power (delivered, you install) $225/pair $345/pair $467/pair (delivered, you install) $124/pair $360/pair $460/pair
Interstate Battery (local pickup, you install) $224/pair $320/pair $400/pair

Prices vary by location and may change without notice at any time. Prices shown above were last checked in January 2018.

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