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About Us

The idea for Used Wheelchairs USA was born shortly after Brian Raub, co-founder of Used Wheelchairs USA, had a serious water skiing accident on Smith Mountain Lake in 2005. Brian tore his adductor (hip) muscles and other muscles in his back -- and was unable to walk. He became stir-crazy (with no mobility device), then searched for an electric wheelchair that could see him through his recovery.

Brian searched the Internet for used electric wheelchairs, but found the results to be surprisingly sparse. As his frustration mounted, Brian formulated an idea for a website that would provide used electric wheelchairs -- with wheelchair selection assistance for those with both temporary and long-term mobility needs.

Used Wheelchairs USA now provides unique services. We offer you the option to buy a used electric wheelchair, to rent a used electric wheelchair, or to sell us your used electric wheelchair. We provide a 30-Day Performance Guarantee and a 10-Day Satisfaction Guarantee.

Our unique Find My Perfect Wheelchair feature helps you to pinpoint your mobility needs and to find your ideal wheelchair. You will appreciate our intelligent recommendations.

We're proud of the services that we offer and the products we provide. Used Wheelchairs USA will work with you to deliver all of your mobility needs.

Lisa Raub

Lisa Raub, President - Co-founded Used Wheelchairs USA in August 2005. Raised in Greenville PA, Lisa earned her BA in Psychology from Yale University (1975) and her PhD in Counseling Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania (1981). Lisa was President of A1Vacations (1998-2005), which became part of at its startup in 2005. Lisa manages customer service and operations at Used Wheelchairs USA.

Ralph D'Arienzo

Ralph D'Arienzo, Refurbishing Manager - Joined Used Wheelchairs USA in 2011. Ralph was born and raised on Long Island, NY. He worked 43 years as a heavy-duty diesel mechanic. Ralph is a US Army Vietnam-era veteran with a one-year tour in Thailand. He moved to Virginia in 1992 where he met and married his wife Sue in 1994. Ralph expertly refurbishes, details, and photographs wheelchairs at Used Wheelchairs USA.

Bill Tucker

Bill Tucker, (1938-2016) - Joined Used Wheelchairs USA in 2007, and passed away in 2016. Bill was our Refurbishing Manager; he prepared hundreds of wheelchairs for their "new homes." Bill and Ralph D'Arienzo worked together closely for five years. Bill was raised in Madison, NJ. Following a 30-year career in retail management, he moved with his wife Fran to Smith Mountain Lake, VA. Bill was a beloved member of our UWU "family."

Paul Glover

Paul Glover, Programmer & Network Administrator - Programmed this website from 2005-2011, and occasionally helps us to improve it. Originally from Lisburn, Northern Ireland, Paul earned his BSC in Information & Communications Technology from Queens University in Belfast, Ireland (1996), then worked in software development in Belfast. Paul and his wife Kelli live near Smith Mountain Lake.

Erin Raub

Erin Raub, Customer Support for Spanish Speakers - Joined Used Wheelchairs USA in 2005. Raised in Lower Merion Township, Pennsylvania, Erin earned her BA in Anthropology with a minor in Spanish from the University of Virginia (2005). She lives in the mountains of Costa Rica with her husband Fabian and son Max. Erin assisted with website development and now assists our Spanish-speaking customers worldwide.

Brian Raub

Brian Raub - Co-founded Used Wheelchairs USA in August 2005. Raised in Greenville PA, Brian earned his BA from Yale University (1975) and his MBA from Harvard Business School (1977). He founded A1Vacations (1998), which became part of at its startup in 2005. Brian assists with wheelchair purchasing at Used Wheelchairs USA.

Raub's Internet for Business LLC

Member of the Smith Mountain Lake Chamber of Commerce

Used Wheelchairs USA is part of Raub's Internet for Business LLC -- a member of the Smith Mountain Lake Chamber of Commerce.

Used Wheelchairs USA
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Moneta, VA 24121
Phone: 540-721-3327 or 800-899-0322


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"I was a bit nervous about ordering a wheelchair over the Internet; however, my fears were surprisingly unfounded. The chair arrived in less than a week, and it exceeds my expectations. Thank you so much. I would definitely recommend your company to anyone in search of a great bargain."
-- from "VF" in Williamstown, NJ