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Pride Mobility Jet Electric Wheelchairs

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Pride Mobility Jet 2 HD

Pride Mobility Jet 2 HD

Description: This Jet 2 HD features a 350 pound weight capacity with a... (more)

Fender color: red

Seat color: gray

Seat material: vinyl

Seat type: contoured

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Price (not including shipping and insurance): $1895 -- fully assembled & ready to ride!

NEW Battery Option: add $130 (see: Battery Policy)

See more details or contact us, quoting stock ID 535 if you are interested in purchasing or renting this Pride Mobility Jet 2 HD power wheelchair.

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"We thank you and your staff for their expertise, efficiency and kindness. We are pleased with every aspect of your services. You have our admiration and respect for founding such a wonderful organization that helps people with their mobility needs at a very affordable price! "
-- from "SJB" in Inyo County, California